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Pottery Barn Inspired Patio Decor

Cool Projects 01.19.15
Using inspiration from Pottery Barn, vintage barn pulleys, rope and a collection of old lanterns, I created outdoor ambiance for our patio by simply tying rope around the beams of our pergola and hanging the various candle holders on hooks attached to the ropes and pulleys. This can also be done by tying rope to an old ladder which is suspended overhead.

For more details: http://www.serendipityrefined.com/2012/05/po...

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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    What a great idea! I like your collection.
  • Carol S
    Carol S Warwick, RI
    Winches, pullies and hooks Oh My! Look great against the dark beams.
  • Thistlewood
    Thistlewood Grand Rivers, KY

    I LOVE this! You are so creative! I pinned this to the the Hometalk "DIY That Inspires" Pin board.

  • Town and Country Living
    This is cool! I met you at the Na-Da Farm event, right?
  • Serendipity R
    Serendipity R Downers Grove, IL
    Hi Jennifer, Yes, we did!
  • Annie H
    Annie H Clarendon Hills, IL
    You are so creative. And I love your blog. Keep inspiring!!
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    beautiful collection of glass you have. I like this idea!
  • Clover House, DeeDee
    Very nice, I like it! :)
  • Linda T
    Linda T Stewartstown, PA
    I love this and I think my fb friends will too, so I shared.
  • Lifetime Services, LLC
    Lifetime Services, LLC Orange Park, FL
    Love the lanterns!

    Mike Anderson

  • Serendipity R
    Serendipity R Downers Grove, IL
    Thanks Linda and Mike!
  • Pat C
    Pat C Canton, GA
    Fun! Fun! Conversation piece.
  • All Things Heart and Home
    So love this! And I hung out at your beautiful blog home just now...so inspiring! xo
  • Rachel
    Rachel Mesa, AZ
    absolutely love this idea!
  • Shala Cripps
    Shala Cripps Lebanon, TN
    Vintage yet rustic looking I like it....actually I love it!
Serendipity R

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