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Drop Cloth Drapery Panels

When remodeling my son's room, I knew I wanted long drapery panels ... I just didn't want to have to spend too much on all that fabric. The solution? Simple canvas painter's drop cloth paired with less than a yard of pricier designer fabric and some ribbon to give the panels a much richer look ...
Find out how I made these drapes on my blog: http://www.itallstartedwithpaint.com/2012/03/what-would-janet-do.html

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  • Sandra A
    Sandra A Atlanta, GA

    I so love this!!! The colors are definitely in and I like how that is so simple!

  • Gloria M
    Gloria M Temple, GA


  • Suzie W
    Suzie W Madison, TN

    I own an Events space in Nashville. I used these with icicle lights over the top and down the sides of the 'curtains' that was simply placed over a temporary curtain rod ( an iron pipe!). It was a fabulous backdrop for the bride and grooms cake

  • Lisa Burke Bates
    Lisa Burke Bates Orlando, FL

    Loved it so much I pinned it! Going to use it in a staging or design one day! How clever and jaw-dropping with the choice of colors! Lucky kid!

  • Lulu
    Lulu Santa Fe, NM

    linda. This is epic. WELL DONE!!

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