• Marilyn B
    Marilyn B Ortonville, MI
    love this!
  • Janet B
    Janet B Myrtle Beach, SC
    can i get instructions? very cool project!
  • Siff S
    Hey Janet - If you look in previous comments I've made a rough instruction - if you need more specifics please let me know what you need
  • James
    James Lake Mary, FL
    I worked with pallets before, it is a monster job, (at least for me) to get them apart to use the boards, without destroying them where they are nailed/stapled together...any ideas about how to get these beasts apart short of sawing off the joints?
  • Melody M
    Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    what a cute out back ideal.... or for a quick yard party too:) love it
  • Debbie Moore
    Debbie Moore Muskegon, MI
    I need three things a sofa and a front porch swing and a bench for my dining room table no I have just found them here. I saw on another clip how to get the cushion if you are interested you get a futon, if you get a whole one cut it into and both seats
  • Rollie Pierceall
    Rollie Pierceall Columbia, MO
    And most places pallets are just thrown away
  • Siff S
    @ James - Use crowbar gently to dislodge the boards - good luck!
  • Siff S
    Thank you Melody
  • Siff S
    @ Debs Moore and Rollie Pierceall - lots of inspiration in this board I made for use of pallets - also for benches and porch swings. I know I wont get around to make a futon - but thank you Debs :)
  • Rollie Pierceall
    Rollie Pierceall Columbia, MO
    Do you have a drawing or plans to use in making any of your items?
  • Siff S
    Its my boyfriends own creation - and its all planned in his head - no drawings. Thanks for the comment Rollie :)
  • Karen Pitman
    Karen Pitman Fort Worth, TX
    Love this idea- will have to try
  • Donna Saucier Mckay
    Donna Saucier Mckay Pensacola, FL
    What is the angle of the back?
Siff S