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How to Locate Cables, Pipes and Studs behind a Wall

Learn how to locate cables, pipes an studs behind walls before you start drilling with this handy diy security and safety guide.
Hope you all find this guide useful.
  • how to locate cables pipes and studs behind a wall, tools, wall decor

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  • Hometipster.com
    Hometipster.com Columbus, MS

    Hi Jeff. Glad you found the article interesting and helpful. Personally I would recommend anyone looking for a detector to go for a Multi-purpose one - they just save the need of having different ones in the toolbox. I won't specifically recommend

  • Bob
    Bob Wichita, KS

    I just carry a couple of small magnets and find the fasteners that are in the studs

  • Therese C
    Therese C Greenfield, IA

    @ Hometipster...you take on old plastic Bic razor and carefully remove the plastic protector edge below the blade, you then hold the razor by the end of the handle and drag the Bic over the wall. You can hear the definite sound difference when you

  • Hometipster.com
    Hometipster.com Columbus, MS

    Hi Bob - Never thought of that one and certainly a cheap alternative. Thanks for the tip.

  • Hometipster.com
    Hometipster.com Columbus, MS

    Hi Therese, well it just goes to prove you can learn something new everyday. That's pretty amazing. Next time I'm definitely going to give that one a try.
    I have to say, that running hometipster.com and participating on sites like this is a joy -

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