How to Hide the Cable Box

DIY 03.08.15
Our cabin was designed to have the TV on the mantel in the living room. {not designed by me} We've lived here 8 years and I'm working on embracing the idea of the TV on the mantel, but I will not embrace the cable box sitting next to it.

What to do?? Put it in a box. A decorative box. One I made just to fit. With scrap wood trims on the front.

Time: 6 Hours Cost: $5.00 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    How clever!
  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly
    I'm all for hiding ugly electronics (the hubs likes to look at his speakers)!!
  • Jeanette Country Design Style
    Lol! my guy is not to happy about having to open the little magnetic door...but he will adjust. Just as he's adjusted to all the other design ideas I have.
  • The Space Between
    The Space Between Key West, FL
    Sooooo smart!
  • Niomi S
    Niomi S Layton, UT
    I hide wires with floral swags, planters. Boxes so thin they cover everything but the sensors
  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    LOVE this idea!
  • Clou77
    Clou77 Leicester, MA
    Nothing like a cable box to ruin the decor. What a nice job!!
  • Bobbie B
    Bobbie B Fairfield, OH
    The box doesn't get too hot does it?
    • Jeanette Country Design Style
      Bobbie B Actually there are 3 things I did to make sure the box doesn't get hot. First I asked the cable guy and he said the latest boxes do not get as hot as older boxes. But to
  • MarcioWilges
    MarcioWilges Australia
    Great job! Now the entire display looks flawless and beautiful all around. However, I am curious to know if the cable box can actually receive the signal from your remote control because the cover lid looks quite thick. Nevertheless, I still think it is
    • Jeanette Country Design Style
      MarcioWilges Thank you for your sweet comments! Actually the door hangs open when the tv is on. If I was to redo it, I would have the pretty door flipped around so it looks
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