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Shade garden fence

This is a fence that we made out of very old windows and stair balusters, both left over from jobs my hubby did. The windows are so old that they have hand-rolled glass! There are two sections with my tea pot fountain set between the two fence sections. I love them because they are open and don't obstruct my view and they keep the dog from tearing through my shade garden!


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  • brilliant!
  • Melody M Chattanooga, TN
    absolutely love it... went in to a scrap shop as it was called and told the man to hold about 15 old windows for me ....guess what im making a window railing around my whole deck:) ..its going to take some building but im sure i can do it... or die
  • Joyce Salt Lake City, UT
    That old window fence is oh soooo cool, something I'd like to try. Hope mine looks as good! :)
  • Carli Marietta, GA
    Julee... I, too, adore your tea-pot fountain. However, I'm mad for your fencing creation! We're tear'g down our deck. Told contractor not to toss the pickets & usable lumber so I can create an unique fence around my veggie gardens, "Dogwood Island" &
  • Carli Marietta, GA
    PS - I feel pressed to post this prayer for you, Julee. If any feel this is inappropriate, please to forgive. Still, I must act upon my faith-based conviction.
  • Mamie shelkey Paris, IL
    Im in love with that fence!! So beautiful...
  • Julee S Bangor, MI
    Thanks Mamie! I'm sanding it down and repainting it this year. Right now it's upside down on sawhorses on my deck and within ear shot of my son and I paint when I can. Hopefully in a few days I'll get both panels back up.
  • Julee S Bangor, MI
    Thank you Carli! We can never have enough prayers and well wishes. Any form of positive energy can and will heal. I am feeling much better and stronger now and am counting the many blessings that have come my way. Thank you again!
  • Debbie Wilfong Asheville, NC
    How awesome! Love it!
  • Shelly Troup Center Point, IA
    Wow! That is beautiful!! Awesome Job!!
  • Carli, I make 4. Julee S. I pray that by now your healing is complete and you are back to creating. God Bless.
  • Rosi McCoy Wilmington, DE
    So many beautiful projects here. Thanks for sharing them and your beautiful garden. Get well soon.
  • Your garden is so refreshing looking and inviting! You must have a lot of shade. Hope its holding up in the heat wave we Michiganian's are experiencing right now. I live, and garden, not far from you in Pullman. I garden in sun, sand and tough conditions
  • Barbara White Parkville, MD
    Your creations are absolutely beautiful and sends a peaceful and healing and energetic message! Blessings and thanks for sharing.
  • Linda Lafayette, LA
    I would love to get the instructions to make the teapot fountain. My email is limazine@aol.com. Thank you