Shade garden fence

Backyard Escapes 07.18.15
This is a fence that we made out of very old windows and stair balusters, both left over from jobs my hubby did. The windows are so old that they have hand-rolled glass! There are two sections with my tea pot fountain set between the two fence sections. I love them because they are open and don't obstruct my view and they keep the dog from tearing through my shade garden!


  • Julie @ Southern Wild Design
    Love this!
  • Connie Creek Schafer
    Connie Creek Schafer Salt Lake City, UT
    Just beautiful! I would also love the teapot fountain instructions. constermonster71@gmail,com
  • Alison Darnell
    I would like to know the color of paint you used
  • Christine King
    Christine King Valley Springs, CA
    I love the tea pot fountain can I get the instructions for this? thanks so much!!
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
    What a lovely creativity! It is really a fantastic idea to make a garden shade fence from recycled products.I will try it for my backyard.It is great to know that waste can create an amazing new world.Appreciated the step-by-step instructions and the
Julee S