Paving Project: I was thinking a beautiful project would be tearing out the old concrete patio in my backyard and

putting in a paver patio with steps and a small wall around it on one end. Would this be a do-able DIY or would it be easier to hire a company to do it?
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  • Clay B Chesapeake, VA
    Not much on return on investment. But will make your home more desirable when you do sell it. Put in planting beds/flowers also, make it a backyard getaway. If you can make a buyer say "wow" or "this is really nice", you've done it.
  • Return?

    In this market?

  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    If your concrete shape is not objectionable and the elevations are ok with you, you could laminate stone to the surface of the concrete and not have to demo it at all. I have successfully done this in several locations. If you do have to demo and start
  • Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    Actually, our market down here in Va Beach isn't all that bad. We are not upside down on our home so with any improvements that we plan on doing I prefer to not lose value. I don't think this project would cause that to happen though. Thanks for the
  • There has been some great suggestions so far, but depending on your ability to handle heavy stone and tools will determine if you really want to do this yourself. Its easy the first day or so. And may also be a bit fun as well. With playing with new cool
  • Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    Would I still be able to do an overlay if there are cracks in the concrete?
  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    Yes but when they do terrazzo the use a fiberglass mesh and a special epoxy, I think it is epoxy, someone else here may know what it is for sure, to stabilize the underlying concrete and keep any cracks or movement from telegraphing up through the
  • Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    Do you think this route could also be cheaper? I've seen some fabulous driveways done in this manner!
  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    I have no idea about the cost involved. But you can track down some contractors in your area and get a few bids both ways and then decide. If you get a bid for the whole project you don't have to give all of it to any contractor but that will give you an
  • Chaya K New York, NY
    Hometalk published an article on exactly this subject: http://www.networx.com/article/how-to-remove.... It describes how much work this job entails. Good luck!
  • Nicole, concrete in motion will always continue to telegraph upward and reappear at some point. If these are static, they can be filled with an epoxy and further stabilize their disjointed appearance.
  • Hi there! Actually, you don't need to remove the cracked concrete deck do remodel your deck. You can install sand-set pavers right on the top of it. Check our website with pictures of patios that have been remodeled with our pavers. Because the pavers
  • Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    Thank you so much! I'm going to make sure that the pavers will still give clearance for the screen door to open and if so I'm definitely going to just lay them over the top! GREAT idea! And your work is great!
  • Hi Nicole, let me know how did it go. I'd love to see pictures of your new deck!
  • Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    I haven't done anything yet but once I do I will certainly post pictures! :D
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