Paving Project: I was thinking a beautiful project would be tearing out the old concrete patio in my backyard and

putting in a paver patio with steps and a small wall around it on one end. Would this be a do-able DIY or would it be easier to hire a company to do it?
  • Amazing Improvements and Garages
    Nicole, concrete in motion will always continue to telegraph upward and reappear at some point. If these are static, they can be filled with an epoxy and further stabilize their disjointed appearance.
  • Artistic Paver Mfg.
    Hi there! Actually, you don't need to remove the cracked concrete deck do remodel your deck. You can install sand-set pavers right on the top of it. Check our website with pictures of patios that have been remodeled with our pavers. Because the pavers
  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    Thank you so much! I'm going to make sure that the pavers will still give clearance for the screen door to open and if so I'm definitely going to just lay them over the top! GREAT idea! And your work is great!
  • Artistic Paver Mfg.
    Hi Nicole, let me know how did it go. I'd love to see pictures of your new deck!
  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Virginia Beach, VA
    I haven't done anything yet but once I do I will certainly post pictures! :D
Nicole L
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