• Gina M
    Jan P, is there any way I can marry into the family? :)
  • Jan P
    Jan P Windsor, CT
    Sorry - have 3 sons - and they are all married...lol!!!
  • TJB-INC Landscape Contractor
    If you are looking for a Certified Aquascape Contractor in southern New England area, please contact TJB-INC @ 203-288-3711 or go to www.TJB-INC.com, We design,
  • Wendy B
    Wendy B Murphy, NC
    Hubby finally got the waterfall and ponds in...now it's the finishing touches, rock here, boulder there...finish the edges of the long rock bed down the side so it blends in...sigh, is this a never ending job or what? Okay, real question. We have a tiny
  • Wendy B
    Wendy B Murphy, NC
    hmmm me thinks that the little margarita before typing that question was a bit of a problem...I'll try it again...type slower and hope the brain and thought mesh up...rather like I want the fittings to...lol! 2" flexi corrutgated pipe won't quite fit all
  • Becky H
    Becky H Tampa, FL
    Wendy, on one of the pondless waterfall posts, there was a link for a "how to" install. They showed applying a bead of silicone on the neck of the corrugated black hose before joining it to the filter box. If it will work there, it should work where
  • Wendy B
    Wendy B Murphy, NC
    no plants in yet as it just completed...still have a bit of re-arranging on stones etc...as poor hubby is off to another job hundreds of miles away! I will post pictures later on today though! Things are coming together at last! When is it my turn to
  • TJB-INC Landscape Contractor
    Wendy, was the hose that you used Flexible hose (glued connectors) or Kink-free (barbed connectors)? This makes a difference when it comes to repairing the connection.
  • Wendy B
    Wendy B Murphy, NC
    TJB-INC Landscape...it is the last one you described...and we are not actually having a pondless, we will have fish but are aware that we have to be careful about the silicone. Thank you for your advice! We didn't use silicone the first time, it didn't
  • Tina C
    where can i find instructios for the first pic?
  • Aquascape Inc.
    Aquascape Inc. Saint Charles, IL
    Tina C, here's a link to the instruction manual for installing our MicroPondless Waterfall Kit (which is what you see in the first picture - the instruction manual also includes
  • SYNLawn Of San Diego
    SYNLawn Of San Diego San Diego, CA
    Pondless waterfalls really compliment a landscape if done right. Those are all done very nicely.
  • Deck and Patio Company "Outdoor Living Experts"
    Deck and Patio Company "O... Huntington Station, NY
    Aquascape's green pondless waterfalls are great for the environment, and we find people want us to create features using the system for a variety of reasons. Tomorrow our weekly post covers just such a project (see advance photo below). The clients'
  • Diane Katzmark
    Diane Katzmark Metamora, MI
    We have a perfect hill for this that I have often thought of doing. Can these pumps be run continuously and how costly is it to run them. Figuring a mid size pump.
  • Carmen Estela Merlano
    Carmen Estela Merlano Las Cruces, NM
    Ok, I'm a total novice!! The water goes somewhere right?
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