Plants & Flowers 04.16.14

Make a upright garden to show off plants, Paint and cut some pallets ,you have a unique display of your favorite plants!

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  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Wow-this is so bright and cheery! How are your plants staying in?
  • Thistlewood Grand Rivers, KY
    I want to make this! Do you have a link on how you did it? Did you use outdoor paint?
  • Julie M Oak Creek, WI
    i bet this would be a great fence as well.
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    That is beautiful. I'll never try doing it but I love it.
  • Pam H Greenville, SC
    You need 4 pallets, cut 1 in half, cut the last one into 3ths. toss the middle of this one, you will not use it. Nail in strips of wood to form 4 pockets in the top of each pallet. Line each pocket with plastic, staple to sides and poke several holes in
  • Love this idea. @Pam H ... thank you for the template:) I am going to build one for the outside of my lil shoppe/studio this week:) ox