80s Office Makeover: Before & After

Awesome Remodels 08.27.15
You may have seen other posts about our powder room and kitchen, and if so...or if you read my blog...you know that my husband Brian and I are certifiably insane when it comes to gut-renovating our home. It takes forever, and always ends up being more work than we anticipate! Renovating Brian's office was no different.

What we did: Painted built-ins, removed wallpaper, replaced carpet, installed crown molding and plantation shutters, and installed recessed lighting. For the full Before & After play-by-play, please check out this post: http://sixteenfourteen.weebly.com/2/post/2012...

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  • Sixteenfourteen
    sixteenfourteen Reston, VA
    Thanks Steve! We still have books, just not on these particular shelves (it's hard to see from the photo, but there are cabinets down below where we hoard some of them). ;-)
  • Cathy B
    Cathy B Phoenix, AZ
    Great job with the shelves and shutters. I find that the back wall decor appears cluttered to me with all the pictures. But of course , we don't all have the same taste. What color white did you use and brand of paint?
  • Linda
    Linda Greenbelt, MD
    I love the black frames against the white background of the shelves. I don't have the built-ins but I have bought the black frames and am planning on putting them on shelves on the wall with black and white photos. Loving the plantation shutters also.
  • Lyn Therese
    Lyn Therese Muskego, WI
    Love this idea. Have you considered painting the back wall of the bookshelves? Behind the pictures? Maybe a contrast color to break up and bring out the pictures more?
  • Sixteenfourteen
    sixteenfourteen Reston, VA
    I like the photo wall as is...different strokes I guess! :)