Part of my back lawn, in full sun, dormant now due to lack of water and high heat.

The soil is dry and hard 30x20 foot area. What is my best course of action. I was thinking of having it double aerated (plug type), and brushing some better soil/comopost into the holes along with seed; rather than roto tilling. I have a dog and do not want too much bare ground that will make muddy paws. There is some grass in this area, just doesn't grow well.

  • Travis P
    Travis P Atlanta, GA
    You are correct in calling your grass "dormant". Fescue will go dormant in summer to survive the heat just as Bermuda grass goes dormant in Winter. As long as this period isn't too long, the grass will green up as the weather moderates.
  • Clay B
    Clay B Chesapeake, VA
    Peter's Natural Gardening, thank you, but I've got to ask, what does the Molasses do?
  • Peter's Natural Gardening
    Molasses is the most simple sugar. Because of this it is easily digested and eaten by the beneficial microbes to aid as a food source for energy and to increase reproduction. When synthetics are used they cause a rapid breakdown of soil structure,
  • Clay B
    Clay B Chesapeake, VA
    Update: Aerating is the best thing I've ever done for my lawn. The hard to grow areas are doing much better, grass is thicker. Plus I don't have to water as much. I pay a lawn service to do the aerating in the fall. Not much more than renting. This last
  • Douglas Hunt
    Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Good news.
Clay B