pallets 03.28.14

Pallet Wall Room Transformation

We started with a plain slate, tiny little bedroom and transformed it it with a major statement wall made from completely free pallets. We used a combination of white and grey paint to white wash each plank to cool down the warm wood tones. Adding industrial lighting and some fun DIYed accessories brought the whole room together!

You can see the full tutorial at http://www.eastcoastcreativeblog.com/2011/10...

-Monica and Jess (East Coast Creative Blog)


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  • Aj K Las Vegas, NV
    i love this technique. I just wish I could find used boards like that out here
    • Tom Brighton, CO
      Aj K - look on Craiglist under free - here in the Denver area there are daily postings for free pallets. You could probably even approach some businesses if you see pallets behind their
  • A Lapin Life Morris Plains, NJ
    That is one beautiful wall and a super looking feature.
  • I absolutely love this although my pallets in the garage right now are super new! Could stain 'em but I am too lazy for that! LOL...will look for some busted and old ones! Thanks for sharing this! Pinned it too!
  • Judith Anderson Veradale, WA
    I love this post! My husband and I just started this project today on our daughter's room. We bought the girls a new comforter and are pulling the colors for the room off of it. Thank you for the detailed description of what you did and photos to go
  • I love this! What a gorgeous wall!
  • Aj K Las Vegas, NV
    @Restoration House Interior... on u'r pallets...if they r 2 new, then take a torch to them. The grain will stand out. I saw it down to regular doors on DIY & it looked sooo great!
  • Love this! You guys did a wonderful job! :)
  • Dria @ Dio Marlborough, MA
    Wow that is gorgeous!
  • Forestine M Statesville, NC
    And a very good statement at that...
  • Loietta A Anderson, CA
    We did something like this with old fencing in a small bath. A cast iron tub, sink ; lots of old stuff, and plenty of antiques. we now have a bath that's charming. And totally green.
  • I also did something similar for my son's room. I ripped the boards the same width. The challenge was finding the wood with the same or similar color and thickness then trying to remove all of the nails and screws without damaging the wood. My son loved
  • Terri Simandl Wellford, SC
    Wow I love it, I am doing this to a wall, when I get brave enough. Looks great!
  • Judy Grants Pass, OR
    A word of caution: We lived in a home with rough wood walls. The bugs loved to nest in the cracks, especially spiders.
  • Danielle R Spencer, WI
    This is a great project!