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Project Mason Jar Pendant Lights

The former owner of our house installed 3 pendant lights kits above the kitchen island. The kits are pretty nice because instead of having to be hard wired in, they screw in just like a light bulb. So instant transformation! The only thing we didn't like about the pendant lights were the existing pendants. We looked at most of our home improvement stores in the area, but didn't find the look we wanted. So we opted to make our own. Jacque decided she wanted to convert ball jars into pendants...And gave me the responsibility of making that happen.
Before! Not bad, just not our taste!
Aren't these pretty?
Air holes!
  • ball jar pendant lights, lighting, mason jars, repurposing upcycling

To see more: http://www.thediyvillage.com/2012/02/ball-jar-pendant-light-tutorial.html

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  • Melody
    Melody Tower Hill, IL

    No, sorry but I did not. My fixtures have 3 little screws 2 hold the light cover on. So all I did was take off the old & put on my jar! I have gotten so many compliments on the project & I always say I got the idea frim Hometalk!! I love this site

    FULLAIT Clarendon Hills, IL

    Now these are done RIGHT! They are VENTED. It really should be pointed out UL labs test for proper venting and BULB SIZE so as not to get too much heat build up as a closed fruit jar is not tempered glass and could create an explosive condition using

    • Trish
      Trish Carlsbad, CA

      I have been thinking about this exact safety issue! I would use an oven or fridge light bulb. Or a bulb no larger than 25w. Vent, vent, vent!

  • Sue
    Sue Cincinnati, OH

    I love this look.

  • Mssmatch
    Mssmatch Florence, KY

    I have seen so many light projects on here that were not vented and I often wonder if they eventually exploded

  • Jhunt10
    Jhunt10 Jacksonville, FL

    Cute project!! LED bulbs are the answer very little heat. Never incandescent or halogen too much heat!