Ball Jar Pendant Lights ( Mason Jar )

Repurposed 07.24.15
The former owner of our house installed 3 pendant lights kits above the kitchen island. The kits are pretty nice because instead of having to be hard wired in, they screw in just like a light bulb. So instant transformation! The only thing we didn't like about the pendant lights were the existing pendants. We looked at most of our home improvement stores in the area, but didn't find the look we wanted. So we opted to make our own. Jacque decided she wanted to convert ball jars into pendants...And gave me the responsibility of making that happen.
  • Then the Ball jar is screwed onto the lid!
  • We started out with these 3 Ball Jars. They would shortly become the light fixtures above our kitchen island!
  • All 3 finished Ball Jar Pendant Lights!
  • Georgeanne I
    Georgeanne I Greensboro, NC
    Oh thank you so much. I will.
  • Jacque & Matt @
    Georgeanne I, I'm glad to hear that we helped out! If we can be of any further help, feel free to let us know! -Matt
  • Georgeanne I
    Georgeanne I Greensboro, NC
    I'm in love with Ball jars and make lamps all the time. Just haven't combined the two projects yet. You may have pushed me over the edge and I always need electrical advice. Thanks!
  • Jacque & Matt @
    Thanks Ann & Betty Jo!
  • Betty Jo G
    Betty Jo G Clearlake, CA
    VERY cool idea! Just sorry that you destroyed those wonderful period lids to do it!
  • Ann B
    Ann B Winter Park, FL
    really cool
  • DeeAnn S.
    DeeAnn S. Kimball, MN
    This is a great idea, I wish I had pendant lights to convert!
  • Jacque & Matt @
    Thank you everyone for the incredible feedback! Tina, we've had ours up for a little over a year now and they're doing great! We are using a 25 Watt bulb. Sharron, that would like great too! Rustoleum makes a oil rubbed bronze spray paint that would
  • Lisa H
    Lisa H Chicago, IL
    Do you have to cut a hole somewhere in the glass to let the heat escape or does the holes in the lid work pretty well?
  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    As much as I love the pendant "re-do", I absolutely would have had to take down teh hardware and paint it flat black or antique it with pewter and black paint...that shiny gold just doesn't give me the cozy feel that the mason jars do....
  • Debbiedoo's
    debbiedoo's Fort Mill, SC
    This is such a cool project. You know I love it:)!
  • Tina B
    Tina B Craigsville, WV
    I love Mason Jars! These are the lights that we made to hang over the kitchen sink! LOVE THEM!!
  • Cathy C
    Cathy C Red Creek, NY
    this is what I had planned to do in my kitchen as well, if I ever get my kitchen finished! Great idea! I'm a canning jar collector so that's where I got the idea from. Very cool!
  • Sharon P
    Sharon P Eustis, FL
    Cool ideal
  • Sharon P
    Sharon P Eustis, FL
    Cool ideal
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