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Ball Jar Pendant Lights ( Mason Jar )

The former owner of our house installed 3 pendant lights kits above the kitchen island. The kits are pretty nice because instead of having to be hard wired in, they screw in just like a light bulb. So instant transformation! The only thing we didn't like about the pendant lights were the existing pendants. We looked at most of our home improvement stores in the area, but didn't find the look we wanted. So we opted to make our own. Jacque decided she wanted to convert ball jars into pendants...And gave me the responsibility of making that happen.
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  • Robin Hauser T We would love to see pictures once you've got them up! And on a side note, we are HUGE fans of farm houses, so we'd love to follow along with your renovation!
  • Robin Hauser T Madison, ME
    Renovation has come to a halt for the moment. We're hoping to be able to start again after the 1st of the year. Not anything to post yet although as soon as I do...Watch out! :D
  • Adore!! Great project. Happy New Year!
  • Thanks Anne D! The ball jars diffuse the light and add quite a bit of character to the kitchen! Happy New Year to you too! -Matt
  • Aj K Las Vegas, NV
    i really like u'r idea so when u say diffuse the light... does it put off enough light? I was thinking about glass cutting the bottom so the light would show thru. mmmm thx 4 the idea
  • Aj K, They do put out a good amount of light. When I say diffused, I'm speaking in terms of the light not being too harsh. You could definitely cut the bottoms out of them if the light isn't
  • Patricia Brining Ellenton, FL
    I Love these they will work perfect in my kitchen! Thank You for sharing!!
  • Diane Moore Dillwyn, VA
    I love the look of theses light. But the lids have glass inside them. So how did you remove that glass?
  • Patricia Brining We'd love to see them when you get them up!
  • Diane Moore, we took lid, flipped it upside down so that the inner ring faces up. We covered the glass piece with an old cloth and used a hammer to break apart the glass insert. Once that's
  • Patricia Brining Ellenton, FL
    I will be sure to post a pic when they are done. Thanks!
  • Mary D Shippensburg, PA
    I need to show this to my husband, this is what I want for a light over my sink:)
  • Melody Tower Hill, IL
    After I saw this post I made my own! Thanx 4 all the gr8 ideas!!! My chandelier over the table is next!!I
    • Melody That's great thanks for sharing! Just curious did you ever click over to the tutorial or did you get all the information you needed to complete the project right here?
  • Melody Tower Hill, IL
    No, sorry but I did not. My fixtures have 3 little screws 2 hold the light cover on. So all I did was take off the old & put on my jar! I have gotten so many compliments on the project & I always say I got the idea frim Hometalk!! I love this site