best way to remove mildew/mold from bathroom ceiling

  • Woodbridge Environmental
    Cleaning chemicals such as bleach, peroxide and the like will clean off the surface issues. But will not prevent mold from returning. Nor will it remove any mold development within the surface of the wallboard.
  • Nichter's Home Services Corp
    Woodbrdg, You apparently have a lot of experience with this. What is the best product to use to wash down a mildewed surface inside a home if it is a recent thing?
  • Woodbridge Environmental

    This would depend on the surface. But if the recently mildewed surface is hard, any good quality over the counter cleaner

  • Nichter's Home Services Corp
    I see OTC cleaners with sodium hypochlorite claiming to be able to treat/remove mildew. Then I read labels and see the active ingredient varying from .5% to nearly three percent. Should one assume that more is better?
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Any of those concentrations will kill the mildew, the stronger ones start working on the stain. As long as the stain is not too dark, it will be alright to paint. Rinse the area well of any hypochlorite or bleach as these products will destroy the
Charlotte C