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Laundry Room Pedestals

We saved over $400 by building our own pedestals for our washer and dryer. We spent a little more money in order to include the drawers/storage space. Love 'em!

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  • Sheila Ollis
    Sheila Ollis Marion, NC

    Love this idea, I think I would like to build it only use laundry baskets in place of drawers, because my laundry area is so small already.

  • Le'
    Le' Woodville, TX

    I didn't want space under the w/d ....just wanted to get them up so I wouldn't have to bend so low.....just built a box and sat them on...perfect!

  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL

    How did you know that plywood would support such a heavy appliance?How thick is the plywood? I saw the commercially- made pedastals in Lowe's when we bought our machines, and assumed there must be metal supporting them.

  • Rena Noele
    Rena Noele Nora, IL

    LOVE IT! Looking through the laundry room makeovers, I can never understand why anyone would want front loading appliances down on the floor. This is VERY smart and economical. The stores charge outrageous amounts for the metal drawers that rattle

  • Jack Snodgrass
    Jack Snodgrass Southlake, TX

    I did something a little less pretty but dirt cheap. I took a solid core door, cut it to length ( it was already 32" wide.. I cut it down to 64"x32" and put it on top of 12, 8" cinder blocks. 4 on each end and 4 down the middle. It's up enough that I

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