Great ideas 04.08.14

Laundry Room Pedestals

We saved over $400 by building our own pedestals for our washer and dryer. We spent a little more money in order to include the drawers/storage space. Love 'em!


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  • Just a Girl Rockford, MI
    Amazing what some paint will do, Victoria. You'll see. :) Thank you!
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    That is so clever and it looks lovely!
  • Vicki Smyrna, GA
    thanks for sharing.
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    I was shocked when I bought my new washer. Then I found out it needed a pedestal - they don't tell you that ahead of time. I wish I had seen your posting before buying the pedestal. Brilliant idea.
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    You two are to be commended! Not only did you save money, but you've a much better looking space at the same time.
  • Just a Girl Rockford, MI
    Thank you! I had fully intended on buying the pedestals with the purchase of the w/d UNTIL I realized how expensive they are. Goodness!
  • Nice alternative to buying them!
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Just a Girl, I bought mine on the internet and had it delivered & then found out I needed to have the pedestal because it was 3/4 the height of my previous washer.
  • These look great! We've made drawers in a couple things so far and they are awesome!
  • Just a Girl Rockford, MI
    Thank you, Crystal! Not gonna lie--the drawers were a lot of work, but I'm so glad we opted to do them. :)
  • You might also find it handy to make those low drawers also work as step stools if you have a wall cabinet or shelf above the washer and dryer that aren't easy to reach. Here is one I made in a vanity toe kick:
  • Carol C Battle Creek, MI
    Great idea...I think we'll do this minus the drawers...thanks for the pictures!
  • If drawers seem daunting, you can make the pedestal with open cubbies and add baskets for extra laundry supplies, etc. You could also keep a small step stool in there. ;)
  • Joni Victoria, TX
    Wow! I tried to explain this to my hubby ONE week ago, but he couldnt "picture" it....I kept telling him , "just build a shelf thats strong enough to hold my w/d and tall enough to stick baskets under for storage!"...I Wish I had seen all this and I
  • Sheila Ollis Marion, NC
    Love this idea, I think I would like to build it only use laundry baskets in place of drawers, because my laundry area is so small already.