Repurposed vintage screen door

I took a screen door saved from my great grandfather's old house and reused it as a laundry/mud room door.

I pulled all the old nails out and took off the old screen, then sanded and painted the door grey -- Walmart Colorplace Grand Smoky Mountain. I then sanded lightly and rubbed on a walnut water-based stain to really make it look like the old wood. Dark wax would also work.

I then cut square chicken wire to cover the back instead of using screen. I stapled that on the back of the entire door.

I covered about 2/3 down with burlap, also stapled on, and left the bottom uncovered as the air intake for the heat pump is in that room, plus I didn't want it to be too monochromatic. I covered the staples on the back of the door with a 1" wide strip of thin trim wood, also stapled.

We hung the door with hinges where the old door was taken out, and I attached an old handle.

Time: 3 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy

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  • Bethany ~ Romantic Relics
    This is a fantastic way to repurpose an old screen door. It really becomes a feature in your home this way, too. I love it!
  • Christine Garza
    Christine Garza Hobbs, NM
    This was an awesome idea. You are very talented! Absolutely Love it!
  • Evie
    Evie Blue Springs, MO
    How nice to have a piece of your family history in your home. It's attractive , useful and every time you gaze at it you have loving thoughts of you great grandfather.
  • Sarah
    Sarah Lafayette, TN
    I love this , now everytime you see it you will think of your great grandfather.
  • Teresa
    Teresa Schenectady, NY
    This is really a great use of your great grandfather's door. Way to keep him around!
Anita D