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  • Vicky
    Vicky Sun City Center, FL

    your bath is beautiful!! I love it! especially love the quilt on the wall

    • Kbabs037

      Me too! Love the whole thing but that quilt brings it all together!!!

  • Margaret
    Margaret Ellsworth, ME

    Amazing, I have great bones in my itty bitty bathroom and you have given me permission and inspiration to go over the top!

  • Albana
    Albana Greece

    I loved it! Wonderfull idea!

  • Think2inkme
    Think2inkme Glendale, AZ

    can i just go to your house and shop in your bathroom , love everything in there .

  • KG In CA
    KG In CA Highland, CA

    I am in love with your bathroom! And the TP holder!

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