Wall of built Ins out of IKEA Hemnes cabinets

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When renovating my basement I knew I wanted a wall of built ins. Keeping my budget in mind I created that feature using IKEA bookshelves from the Hemnes line. Visit www.no29design.com for more details, pictures and ideas! #Bestof2012 #ProudestDIY #BudgetUpgrade
Cost: $2000
Before any work was begun we finished our semi finished basement. Overhead lighting, storage closets and a laundry room were all added to the space. Since this would be the family room I wanted lots of storage as well as display space, and don’t forget the television!
Once the major construction was complete I had a 17 foot wall to create a storage and media unit. I measured about 20 times to make sure I had it right and then purchased 5 pieces from the IKEA Hemnes line.
I purchased units to hold books, games, movies and music. The display shelves hold baskets as well as accessories.
The bookshelves were spaced out to cover the entire 17 foot wall, then finished off with trim and soffits. The gaps between each unit aren’t noticeable with the trim and a fresh coat of white paint.
The space where the wall mounted tv was to be hung was finished with a board and batten pattern to match the rest of the room.
Shelf liner was added to the back of the bookshelves. This helps add some texture to a whole wall of white!
I now have a huge storage and display wall. It is the focal point of the entire room.

To see more: http://www.no29design.com/2012/10/basement-update-tour.html

  • Texas Home And Garden
    This is pretty much amazing! Well done!
  • Karen Marie Carlson Kedzuch
  • Lisa
    Lisa Portland, OR
    Very nice work. The only thing I would have put a bigger TV there with all that space.
  • Crystal Stagner Martin
    I love IKEA!! Your room looks amazing, great job!
  • Susan
    Susan Bellingham, WA
    Gorgeous room! Nice job!
  • Lucas Petrykowski
    Lucas Petrykowski Madison, WI
    WOW!! You sure changed the entire room! I did not think it was possible to to fix the ugly before basement. You've made it so bright and chic. Great job!
  • James JD Jenkins
    James JD Jenkins Knoxville, TN
    Very nice build!
  • Bella
    Bella Lathrop, CA
    This is very nice.....
  • Rescon Basement Solutions
    This turned out beautifully - Amazing DIY job!
  • Debra Housworth
    Debra Housworth Virginia Beach, VA
    Great job. It looks well thought out and finished with care.
  • Frankie Clarkson
    Frankie Clarkson United Kingdom
    Hi. This exactly what I want. It's beautiful. But how did you end up with the tv stand part not sticking out further than the bookshelves? In the UK it is 49 cms deep and the bookshelves are 37 cms. Did you have to cut it down and if so, was it
    • No. 29 Design
      No. 29 Design Belmont, MA
      Frankie Clarkson I did not cut it down but laid the bench flat against the wall. I then bumped out the other pieces so the front all lined up flush. A piece of wood was
  • Robin Williams Vieira
    Robin Williams Vieira Watertown, CT
    Awesome job!
  • Carol
    Carol Denton, TX
    Great job! Makes me wish we had basements in Texas!
  • Ann Gann
    Ann Gann Phoenix, AZ
    I agree about what an awesome job you did! I just love the look of custom built in's and this looks just as if it was done by professionals!
  • ShirleyB
    ShirleyB Clovis, CA
    Love this look, and would like to do something in my home, but I don/t have the wall space for it. I do have a built in hutch in my dining room, love all the storage it provides.
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