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Kitchen Renovation: Before & After

We recently renovated our very 1980's kitchen. It was a huge project including cabinets, lighting, floors, and countertops. I love the way it turned out and have been so happy cooking here, but I feel like the countertop are a little bare. Any ideas for accessories? See my blog post here for all before and after pictures:

To see more: http://thehillhangout.com/2012/07/our-kitchen-reno/

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  • Ashley H
    Ashley H Birmingham, AL

    Here's the link to all before and after pics http://thehillhangout.com/2012/07/our-kitchen-reno/

  • Linda
    Linda Mc Henry, MD

    Your new look is beautiful! I love your door panels and hardware. I'll bet things would look more complete if you added a tile backsplash. Be very wary of adding 'accessories'.

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H Birmingham, AL

    Thanks, Linda, but it already has a backsplash. The white subway tile is hard to see in the photos. You can probably see it a little better if you click through to the blog post.

  • Sue @ Housekaboodle

    It's perfectly wonderful.

  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA

    wonderful kitchen,,,,, size are decor.... as for adding stuff..maybe to the area Right of the sink...something NATRUAL or ORGANIC,,,, A small plant, vase with a couple of flowers or pot of herbs,,,,,maybe a wooden bowl or basket with some oranges or

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