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How do you get the sour smell out of the washing machine?

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  • No, but a client with does & she closes it each time & it stinks. @Woodbridge, your answer was wonderful and I learned so much about the why. @ I thank you all, I will try vinegar 1st since I have some already!
  • Margaret B Cairo, IL
    Really enjoy all the responses to washer smells and would just like to say that I had a maytag toploader that got destroyed in the flood, but I had got about 20yr. service out of it without any problems. Now I have a GE front loader and the man that
  • I bought a new top-loader recently, and was told that I need to leave it open, as well to keep it from mildewing. Folks need to know that the new top-loaders use basically the same technology as the front-loaders, so most of the rules are the same.
  • Thank you Willow House!!! I loved the link & photos. That is how I will do it, with vinegar! Wow, I luv Hometalkl! By the way, were you once located in Kennesaw?
  • LeeAnn, Willow House is my own business, but the Corporate Headquarters is in Birmingham. I offer Style for Home products through in-home design workshops. Willow House offers unique, quality products because we design the products ourselves, then source
  • Suzanne, your product line is beautiful & today. I just got back from the beach & FINALLY did the vinegar! Wala! Presto chango it worked. I now have a good smelling washer. Problem solved.
  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    Yep vinegar the miracle cure, good for what ails ye!!
  • Diane Kaul Commerce Township, MI
    http://giraffe-legs.blogspot.com/2012/09/hom... Check out this link on how I finally got rid of my smell. I made my own detergent!
  • Thank you Diane, great info!
  • Diane Kaul Commerce Township, MI
    Hope it helps!
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Lee Anne C, I buy Arm & Hammer concentrated baking soda for the washer. Then I put vinegar in softener tray & leave the door open after washing. I get a clean, non smelly wash and washer at an inexpensive price. Mine is a front loader.
  • I did buy the top loader with the new technology & low water wash. I think I am happy with it so far.
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    Lee Anne C It is nice to get second opinions to make a decision and then do what you feel is right. I love hometalk.
  • Glade Interiors Gainesville, FL
    Ok, how much vinegar? Hot water with vinegar?
  • I was told one cup vinegar to a regular wash cycle with no clothes.
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