Just another way to use a washboard.

I needed more storage in my laundry room, so built some truly "rustic" corner cabinets. After extensive searching, I was able to locate 2 new washboards to use as the doors on the corner cabinets.
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  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Well Miss Becky how cute is that!!! You go girl ;~) Love the vibrant green and the pink plaid fabric!!
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    Susan, that's not fabric......................that's paint. I created the plaid w/acrylic paints. The pink is the latex paint I used on the laundry room door. Glad you like it.
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    YOU PAINTED THE PLAID - Wow, now that is truly impressive!! I just assumed it was fabric it's soooo perfect! Did you tape all that off or how did you get the lines so even? Care to elaborate????
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    Thanks Susan. I just penciled in lines for where I wanted the different colors and free-handed. Those colors I wanted to appear as though they were woven under the fabric, making another color dominant in that area, I simply dry brushed w/the pink, or
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Well I sure am impressed! I've done enough painting to know that plaid is not easy to do!! And here you've been hiding your talent from us! Ha - what else have you been holding back from us?????
  • Sharron W Memphis, TN
    VERY impressive and a great touch for the laundry area to use washboards on the cabinets!
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    Thanks Sharron. Hey, I was having fun. First, I was just going to make open corner shelves; then, I decided they should be made into cabinets...........like I'm a cabinet maker..........NOT! Once considering making cabinets, the question was, how
  • Donna R Lumberton, TX
    How clever! I love washboards but have never thought to do this. Great paint job on the plaid. That takes some talent!
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    Donna, I appreciate your kind words. I just couldn't think of anything more appropriate as doors than old washboards in the laundry room. It made me laugh.
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