Make an outdoor pallet sofa that's comfy AND cute!

pallets 3 days ago
I didn't use my patio for about a year. Know why? Because it had a table and chairs on it. I just longed for a super comfy long term sit with a good book in hand. So I ditched the table and instead, went for supreme comfort... with a twist.

Not desiring the standard fare of what was for sale, I went about making my own comfy outdoor furniture. And the result? A pallet wood sofa that's not only comfortable, but pretty cute!

The secret to the comfort? It's all about the cushion. Read on for more...



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  • Sherry S
    Sherry S Columbus, OH
    You are the Queen of Creative! My crown is off to you! You had me at the stamped name on the arm!!
  • Jill Aaron
    Jill Aaron Brunswick, ME
    I love this. I wish the back were attached, though. I'm a novice woodworker, and I would use it in my living room. I live in an apartment and I'm afraid the leaning back would mark up the walls, or the window sills, depending on where I leaned it. I
  • Bonnie Hoffart
    Congrats on win! Really cute and comfortable looking!
  • Sengerson Lifestyle Blogger & Photographer
    Love this!!! I want one for my patio!!
  • Susan Slade
    Susan Slade South Africa
    Love it!*
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