Make an outdoor pallet sofa that's comfy AND cute!

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I didn't use my patio for about a year. Know why? Because it had a table and chairs on it. I just longed for a super comfy long term sit with a good book in hand. So I ditched the table and instead, went for supreme comfort... with a twist.

Not desiring the standard fare of what was for sale, I went about making my own comfy outdoor furniture. And the result? A pallet wood sofa that's not only comfortable, but pretty cute!

The secret to the comfort? It's all about the cushion. Read on for more...



  • This little sofa is the perfect size for our smaller covered patio. The oversized cushion from a futon sofa was wrapped with a painter's drop cloth making clean up an absolute breeze.
  • The random backing boards were intentionally staggered to show as different heights. Aren't the different tones eye catching?
  • Stamped board details were celebrated rather than hidden. The lettering on one arm is an added quirky perk in my book. And perfect to hold a requisite cup of fresh hot coffee.
  • It all started with landing a cushion from a thrift store for a whoppin' $10. The framework was then built around the cushion's size. A dry fit was created to grasp a style.
  • Here are the measurements. If you can't make them out, the link to the original tutorial is at:
  • The base was then planked up, as well as a separate piece for the backer board. Since this sofa stays put, the backing simply leans on the house.
  • May I boast for a moment? Because this is really cool. This crazy little idea proceeded to win 1st prize in a Canada wide Upcycle Challenge and landed in Canadian Living magazine! Whoop!
  • Wish for even more creative outdoor sitting areas? Check out this post with 15 HomeTalk features! Is one of them you?

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