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Sliding Pantry Door

I found this door while browsing online looking for a salvage place. I was looking for unusual items for our home as we were rebuilding.
I saw this on a facebook page & immediately fell in love. I read that it had wood rot on the bottom, but was ok with it since I'd be using indoors.
I needed to order the hardware in order to hang the door. And, as I was speaking with the rep of the company, he mentioned it'd be best for us to have a roller stay on the bottom to keep the door from swinging out.
I ordered all of the hardware. The straps had to be adjusted just a little to ensure they sat correctly on the door.
We hung the door before I started working on transforming it to make sure it was good. Once given the go ahead...the major work lied ahead.
Remember I mentioned wood rot. I need to address that issue, but I also knew I wanted to change the color.
There was layer upon layer of paint. I sanded...sanded...sanded and sanded some more. I didn't need all of the paint to come off because I do love a chippy paint look.
Once I was done with all of the sanding... I painted the gorgeous door Barn Red!!
I used stain to add a distressed age look to it...
And, hung up my beautiful pantry door. It is an amazing focal point for all to enjoy! Please visit my blog post for more detailed information.

To see more: http://www.onfernavenue.com/2013/06/sliding-pantry-door-before-and-after.html

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