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Re-purposed windows and doors.

My husband and I built this greenhouse using our collection of old windows and french doors. It has a cute chandelier inside and icicle lights that set it off at night.

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  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Carthage, MO

    Love it!...would love to have one just like it in my back yard!...great job!

  • Patricia Vincent

    What did you use for the roof? Is that glass or hard plastic of some sort?

  • Irish53
    Irish53 Hicksville, NY

    It looks like you used the plastic sheeting I see on awnings for the roof and very top of the walls. The dry cleaners by me has it in green to cover the roof of a patio they have on the side of their building.

  • Shane daugherty
    Shane daugherty Lebanon, KY

    This is what I've been searching for, don't have as many windows ,gonna try use 6 mil plastic

  • Alfred Marmol
    Alfred Marmol Annandale, MN

    Interesting post! It can be helpful if renovation is carried out to maintain the building and install an impact resistant solution for windows and door to the room. This is an effective idea to get an re-purposed windows and doors renovated. If we

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