Re-purposed windows and doors.

Window Greenhouse 4 days ago
My husband and I built this greenhouse using our collection of old windows and french doors. It has a cute chandelier inside and icicle lights that set it off at night.
  • Lorraine Edwards
    Lorraine Edwards Wilmington, DE
    That's so cool!
  • William Gabbard
    William Gabbard Junction City, OH
    I love the idea of repurposing items and I really like what you've done with the windows and doors. I was just wondering what kind of floor you used in your greenhouse?
  • Linda J
    Linda J Mc Kinney, TX
    William, we used flat stone & pea gravel. Don't have to worry about water messing things up.
  • Kat =^.^=
    Kat =^.^= Boulder City, NV
    oh my goodness! this is so pretty and inviting! great job! i bet it was fun building it! i have a ton of windows and screens from a 1930s home here in my little town. i wanted to build one of these but the wind is just awful here at 38 mph and upwards
  • Terri S
    Terri S Oolitic, IN
    That is adorable!
  • Toni Pardoe Ellsworth
    Toni Pardoe Ellsworth Spanish Fork, UT
    I LOVE THIS!!!
  • Bonnie D
    Bonnie D Irving, TX
    I want one please!! Think my husband is listening? sigh
    • Dee
      Dee Canada
      Bonnie D Hey Bonnie D, read some of those plans and use woman power! If you sew at all you can construct almost anything . . . instead of fabric you are using wood/glass, etc. My
  • Southeast Solar Co
    Southeast Solar Co Norcross, GA
    Does anyone know where I can get "used" re purposed windows for a similar larger project in the Metro Atlanta area? We think we could use heavy clear plastic for the roof to let the light in. But will need glass doors and windows..
    • Lynn C
      Lynn C Mathews, VA
      Southeast Solar Co Do you have a free cycle in your area? I got a nice claw foot bathtub that I use for growing plants that like a bog environment like pitcher plants. Check online there may be one and you can find lots of great things!
  • White Oak Studio Designs
    What talent! A beautiful place. Love this!

    Small House / Big Sky Donna / White Oak Studio Designs / SWMichigan

  • Lynn C
    Lynn C Mathews, VA
    Fabulous! I have a similar house in my garden made from old windows. Love it!
  • Luisa
    Luisa Florida, NY
    Can you tell specifically how you made this and from where you obtained your materials?
  • Penny parker
    penny parker Dandridge, TN
    I would also like 2 c how u came up with the plan.
  • Linda J
    Linda J Mc Kinney, TX
    We laid out a foundation of cinder blocks the size we wanted it & filled the holes in the cinder blocks with concrete. My husband then built a frame. We laud out our windows & doors & framed in to fit each window & door. Just figured it out as we went.
  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Carthage, MO
    Love it!...would love to have one just like it in my back yard!...great job!
  • Patricia Vincent
    What did you use for the roof? Is that glass or hard plastic of some sort?
Linda J