Re-purposed windows and doors.

window treats 01.09.16
My husband and I built this greenhouse using our collection of old windows and french doors. It has a cute chandelier inside and icicle lights that set it off at night.

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  • Linda J
    Linda J Mc Kinney, TX
    We laid out a foundation of cinder blocks the size we wanted it & filled the holes in the cinder blocks with concrete. My husband then built a frame. We laud out our windows & doors & framed in to fit each window & door. Just figured it out as we went.
  • Sarah M
    Sarah M Carthage, MO
    Love it!...would love to have one just like it in my back yard!...great job!
  • Patricia Vincent
    What did you use for the roof? Is that glass or hard plastic of some sort?
  • Irish53
    Irish53 Hicksville, NY
    It looks like you used the plastic sheeting I see on awnings for the roof and very top of the walls. The dry cleaners by me has it in green to cover the roof of a patio they have on the side of their building.
  • Shane daugherty
    Shane daugherty Lebanon, KY
    This is what I've been searching for, don't have as many windows ,gonna try use 6 mil plastic
Linda J