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3D Embroidered Name Wall Art

I love wall art with depth.
This piece is something I’m trying out for my office. It will be one of a few different pieces in the cluster, but I haven’t figured out the rest yet. I also wanted to try out a new technique – sewing over a raised bit of hot glue to get more depth to the piece.
The first step is to paint the canvas. I chose to do stripes, painting the base color, white, first and letting it dry.
Then I cut strips of contact paper 1/2 in thick and applied them to the canvas using a right angle to make sure I kept them straight.
Paint with your secondary color – I’m rocking gold. Don’t forget to paint the edges of the canvas as well, it makes it look more finished.
Now for the name. Measure the space on the backside of the canvas where the wood does not cover. You’ll need to make your name smaller then that area to stitch through the canvas. Print the font you want to size on a piece of regular printer paper.
To transfer the image onto the canvas I used the old-school pencil transfer. I colored on the backside of the paper with pencil to cover where the name is printer. Then, placing the name on the canvas, centered in the open area, I traced the printed font – leaving behind enough of the lead on the other side so that I could see the outline.
For the depth of the name, fill the outline in hot glue on the canvas. I did this twice to make sure it was thick enough.
Next up, the embroidery. Just stitch over the hot glue through the canvas.
Check out the link below to read more and see the full tutorial.

To see more: http://3peppers-recipes.com/3d-embroidered-name-wall-art/

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