Decor Ideas 04.13.14

Old Dresser Converted to Beverage Center

A free dresser with peeling veneer became a portable outdoor beverage center. A drawer was removed to make a shelf for glassware, and drawer #2 was customized to hold up to four 2 liter bottles. An ice trough was made for the top and behind the doors the tools needed for an outdoor bar are stored. Two coats of latex paint, one coat of Ebony stain and two coats of marine varnish later it was ready to party. See the whole transformation and all the photos at www.BlissRanch.blogspot.com
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  • Joy2Journey Andover, MN
    Love what Bliss can create! She has so much talent :)
  • Sherry L Deridder, LA
    I didn't recycle but I did add a beverage station when we remodeled my kitchen. It is across the room from the prep and cooking area so guest (and family) can fix drinks without getting in the cooks way. That and my island are the best features of my
  • Sherry L Deridder, LA
    I really like this one for outdoors.
  • I was just telling my hubs about this saying I needed one of these (after my 3rd trip into the house to mix up a batch of margaritas)!
  • Mickey Pesola Green Bay, WI
    I am soooo going to do this! Alraedy have the dresser!Cant wait!
  • Sherry L Deridder, LA
    I bet an old intertainment center, one of the ones that have too small an opening for the new flat screen tvs would work too. This is such a great idea I am thinking of ways to do one in my outdoor covered patio.
  • Glenda B Maryville, TN
    Great idea!
  • You are one seriously talent girl... with VISION :) Fantastic re imagine!!
  • Decor & More Marietta, GA
    Love this project... cheers!
  • Linda B Trumbull, CT
    Wow. That is so FUNKY!! Love that kind of thing!
  • Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Oh this is just an awesome idea! Is it under shelter or will you move it in if it rains?
  • Bliss R Minneapolis, MN
    It wheels in and out of the adjacent garage, it doesn't have far to travel.
  • Vivienne @ The V Spot Los Alamitos, CA
    This is amazing!! Pinning this!
  • Jim Jakes Nashville, TN
    Inventivness like this is what keeps me going. It seems there is no end to the creativity in so many people, like YOU! Thanks for sharing.
  • Jennifer G Clifton, CO