Beautiful Outdoor Area On a $100 Budget!

yard 03.29.16
I created this outdoor patio area for my husband I after we had just got married. Everything you see in the pictures cost around $100.00 using Dollar Tree, Ikea and Big Lots! I was so happy with the way it came out.

I had a plug in chandelier that I had purchased for my wedding that I knew I wanted to use centered above the table, and that's how my ideas got started. I then hung Lill Curtains ($2.50 from Ikea) Around the entire patio and it really changed the look instantly.

For a complete breakdown and helpful tips to get the same "look" you can visit my blog at:

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  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    What a transformation - I especially love the light fitting!
  • Steve K
    Steve K Lancaster, NY
    Really nice, tip on lighting was the first time I ever heard usuing tea candels, cheek to cheek so to speak. I noticed that the top was somewhat open so don't imagine anyone eating out there during a rainstorm. Do you have any plans to improve the top
  • Dede Osborn
    Dede Osborn Pineland, TX the chandelier!!I I've always wanted one for our backyard❤
  • Kimble92
    kimble92 North Providence, RI
    Love this. You are very creative, can I hire you? Lol
  • MyrnaBlu
    MyrnaBlu Lombard, IL
    So beautiful!! You did a great job.
Ashleigh B