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Beadboard Above The Mantel

Our fireplace was very brick. I like the color of the brick since it is a neutral but I wanted a traditional look with more white. I created a surround below about two years ago. I thought it needed more so I wanted to create the same type of feel above. I pulled some 2 x 2s out of the garage and nailed beadboard onto the back. It wasn't wide enough so I used more
2 x 2s and column molding.
This is what our fireplace looked like before.
This is after I built the surround on the bottom.
None of this is permanent. I didn't want to drill into the brick. It all fits snuggly under and above the mantel.
I love the white backdrop for seasonal decorating. I lightly white washed the brick with primer. It evens out some of the bigger white spots. Visit my blog for more info and more DIYs.

To see more: http://katietreasures.blogspot.com/2014/09/faux-planking-above-fireplace.html

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