Stenciled Tables

Recently I've stenciled a couple of dining room tables that have been fairly popular, so I thought I would share them with y'all! They are done so that the wood shows through the stencil and I love the look. Here are the links to the posts: Paisley table -

Indian Inlay table -

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  • Ashley @ Domestic Imperfection
    Lisa Ketzner - Yes, you need to sand the tables down to bare wood before you stencil. After you stencil and stain cover it with a few coats of polycrylic and it should withhold
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    Thanks Ashley. I will look for some stencils and if i have any questions, I will be sure to ask.
  • Susan Mungerson Malone
    Susan Mungerson Malone Ormond Beach, FL
    i think this is so cool, and a great hobby i'm going to give it a try, I like the idea of serving trays and frames and such, maybe a end table for a porch or such area of leisure time spent.
  • Debbie Steele
    Debbie Steele Dupo, IL
    where can I get these stensils? I am doing a table now that I was trying to think on how to do this very thing.
  • Jim Jakes
    Jim Jakes Nashville, TN
    Fantastic! Great idea.
  • Patricia W
    Patricia W Eugene, OR
    We found the same exact table at Goodwill today! We hit that place almost daily, and usually end up with at least one cool project. Your stencil job looks both professional and just so pretty! We are going to have a big ol mothers day yard sale with our
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    These are beautiful!
  • Joanne Dailey
    Joanne Dailey Glendale, AZ
    Why not post "How" this was done!
  • Annie Ann Del Rio
    Annie Ann Del Rio Madera, CA
    beautiful wow
  • Franceen o'toole
    Franceen o'toole Wilmington, NC
    looks way to busy. if you put your dishes on it the place would look a mess. only way you could put dishes on it if they were white plates or you cover it with a table cloth. way to busy.
  • Vikki
    Vikki Levittown, NY
    They're gorgeous. No way they're too busy. Obviously their popularity speaks for itself...
  • Beth
    Beth Jackson, GA
    These are beautiful works of art. Don't listen to the naysayers!
  • Adrienne Perez
    Adrienne Perez San Diego, CA
    What is the best paint for this? One that will withstand the clenaings
    • Briana French
      Briana French Portland, OR
      Adrienne Perez I do a lot of work with refinishing tables. I always use a poly for the top. You need to do a few coats, very fine sanding in between. I also recommend doing a
  • Dee
    Dee Canada
    Absolutely gorgeous!
  • Shell Cox
    This is just sooo gorgeous....& CLASSY.... so easy & looks a million dollars !!!! I just found an idea for my 1920s antique dining table & sideboard.....
  • Barbara Winters
    Barbara Winters Wheeling, WV
    Don't buy new - renew
  • Sherri Hawk
    Sherri Hawk Mounds, OK
    The tables are beautiful.
  • KatAych
    KatAych Alameda, CA
    Wow! Unique and beautiful!
  • Sirkku
    Sirkku Finland
Ashley @ Domestic Imperfection