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Stenciled Tables

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Recently I've stenciled a couple of dining room tables that have been fairly popular, so I thought I would share them with y'all! They are done so that the wood shows through the stencil and I love the look. Here are the links to the posts: Paisley table - http://www.domesticimperfection.com/2012/05/paisley-stenciled-table/
Indian Inlay table - http://www.domesticimperfection.com/2012/07/indian-inlay-stenciled-table/
  • Shell Cox

    This is just sooo gorgeous....& CLASSY.... so easy & looks a million dollars !!!! I just found an idea for my 1920s antique dining table & sideboard.....

  • Barbara Winters
    Barbara Winters Wheeling, WV

    Don't buy new - renew

  • Sherri Hawk
    Sherri Hawk Mounds, OK

    The tables are beautiful.

  • KatAych
    KatAych Alameda, CA

    Wow! Unique and beautiful!

  • Sirkku
    Sirkku Finland


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