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Repurposing trunks. One of my Favourite Things to do!

I absolutely love trunks! I can just go ahead and call myself a Trunk Junk-y !!! They are gorgeous and can be so much more than a moth ball smelling attic time capsule! Inventing new ways to make these come back to life is such a fun challenge to me! I hope the inspiration flows over to your DIY tendencies! www.facebook.com/gypsy for more inspiration

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  • Peggie Love
    Peggie Love Salem, OR

    I have my old Navy trunk in garage and never thought of what to do with it. wow,

  • Cynthia E
    Cynthia E Daleville, AL

    Wish I had some trunks these are awesome

  • Freida
    Freida Durand, MI

    I have one that is like a wardrobe, with drawers i think, not sure what toddo with it, also it has a dome like top any ideas?

  • Cecilia
    Cecilia Acton, MT

    Where do you find your trunks. I like the table and the trash container idea.

  • Kaycampbelljones
    Kaycampbelljones Orange, TX

    I have 7 of the trunk's in the 1st picture you show here. I have looked around our small town, and outside our town, and CAN NOT find the snap's buckle's or leather strap's I need to work on my trunk's. WHERE do I look for such thing's?? I LOVE YOUR

    • Susan Bechamp
      Susan Bechamp West Branch, MI

      Try online "Tandy Leather has all kinds of clasps, buckles and belt tips.

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