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Repurposed Vegetable Holder hanging basket

I turned my vegetable holder/hanging basket (that I NEVER used and had been hanging in my kitchen empty for several months) into a hanging 3 level planter. I put several different types of mostly indoor plants (pothos, regular and variegated) that I had rooted in water from when I had cut back my plants, but also added 3 different varieties of potato vine, purple, yellow, and variegated, and a jew, as i will leave it hanging outside til winter. I hope you enjoy, as I know I enjoyed the project, and will enjoy watching it grow!

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  • Jori Calvert

    this is also good for pot and pan lids

  • Adelle Stan
    Adelle Stan Washington, DC

    Love the idea, thanks for sharing.

  • Shari Franks
    Shari Franks Kuna, ID

    What an awesome idea! Love it!

  • Shirley Mason
    Shirley Mason Jewett City, CT

    Some pretty colored stones in the bottom of each basket would add some color.

  • Bkergrl0329

    Last summer I used mine to plant herbs and hung it from the back southeast corner of my deck since I was growing a deck garden. It worked out great!

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