(Annapolis, MD)I have friends who made beautiful countertops out of 12 x 12 blue pearl granite tiles (they look black

with sparkly grey mica-type chips inside them). I know granite slab is preferred, but the tiles look great and I just found a source for the them at only $7.95/per, total with shipping for our kitchen is about $450. Question:, how hard is it to cut granite tile? Should I give up trying to do it myself and get estimates to have it installed, and what are my chances of having a tile man agree to install tile I already purchased?
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  • Imagery Littleton, CO
    Hi Sue,

    Blue pearl is a great choice. I love the way it changes at every angle! A decent wet tile saw should yield you the desired

  • Sue, I agree with Imagery. All of the tile installers that I use install the tile that I select & purchase for the client. I had 12 " tile counter tops installed in one of my homes & loved it. It is definitely a good option & savings. It is important
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    Blue Pearl is a sweet tile...it is only quarried from one area in Norway. How are you planning to do the edges? I have trimmed some with wood but my preferred newer method is to use special bull-nosed tiles. I have a source for these larger 18 x 21"
  • Hewitt Remodeling Service... Virginia Beach, VA

    Only the tilers that you don't want in your kitchen anyway would object to installing material you provided. The pros won't

  • Imagery Littleton, CO
    For the bull-nosed edges, I use a tile company called "Tile for less"...they professionally edge the tiles you need for $10.00 a lineal foot. The edges are perfect, and well worth the price. You may have a company locally that will do this for you too.
  • Sue G Annapolis, MD
    Thought you all might like to see the finished product -- My 1940's inspired Kitchen renovation (vintage mixed with modern) including countertops and backsplashes made of the12 x 12 Blue Pearl Granite tiles mentioned in question above!