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Chalk Painted kitchen cabinets & cottage kitchen redo

Dream Home 14 hours ago
We decided to tear out our existing builder grade cabinets and rebuild them with some open shelving incorporated into the design. We used Annie Sloan chalk paint on all of the lower and upper cabinets.
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  • Beth
    Beth North Port, FL
    My fave redo! I absolutely LOVE the laundry room! Goosebumps!!!
  • Erica Gott
    Erica Gott Arlington, TX
    This is beautiful! However, having lived in a kitchen with gas range and open shelving, there's a lot of cleaning that's going to be done. Don't know why, but gas cooking tends to leave a lot of grease buildup (maybe it's because I cook a lot of bacon??).
  • Julie Crozier
    Julie Crozier Littleton, CO
    Great, but ASCP is expensive, and you can't choose your own paint color. Alternative - Chalk-tique Kit - turns any water based paint into chalk style paint. Works great on cabinets and furniture. No prep work.
  • Julie S
    Julie S Ocean City, NJ
    What did you use for the sealer? I tried various sealers and unfortunately stains showed through. Need advice.
  • Kathy
    kathy Beacon Falls, CT
    What are the deems ions if your kitchen, island and distance around the island. Trying to renovate my kitchen. Having hard time imagining spacing of above.
  • Stella Love
    Stella Love Spokane, WA
    What is the name of the granite?
  • Becky Denton
    Becky Denton New Braunfels, TX
    Gorgeous kitchen. I love everything about it. Wish it was in my house!
  • Diena Cameron
    Diena Cameron Kelseyville, CA
    I, too love your kitchen, beautiful :D I have been hearing so much about Annie Sloan paints and I am dying to paint something myself. Is it true what they say about not having to prep your project before painting ? Also love your pig and
  • Marsha Neal
    Marsha Neal Rochester, NH
    This looks beautiful!!! Nice job!!!
  • Tee
    Tee Janesville, WI
    Absolutely gorgeous!
  • Sharon La Tour
    Sharon La Tour Lexington, KY
    Ok, that's not fair, LOL I now have ''KITCHEN and LAUNDRY ROOM ENVY!!! I love what you have done. It looks really great and it ties in so well together!
  • Gennell Yeager
    Gennell Yeager Layton, UT
    I'm in love with your corner piece!! I hate those corner cupboards and lazy Susan because I'm short and reach anything lol. Splendid job lady!!
  • Peggy Brittain
    Peggy Brittain Massillon, OH
    So want this kitchen. Sigh. Alas, I rent so am not spending much on paint. But one can dream.
  • Jill Vokey
    Jill Vokey Plymouth, MA
    Love the open shelving wish I could do that in my kitchen in my apartment
  • Judy
    Judy White Hall, MD
    What is ASCP paint?
Tricia at Little Cottage on the Pond

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