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  • Sherry
    Sherry Pensacola, FL

    Very pretty.... :) Good job...

  • Debbie Nance
    Debbie Nance Fort Wayne, IN

    Very nice job. Looks beautiful. How many coats did it take? Did you use a brush or roller? Love the calming and comfy feel.

  • Taffetal
    Taffetal Canada

    I love the rustic details juxtaposed with the white and blue.

  • Diane Jackson
    Diane Jackson Elizabeth, CO

    I really like the combination of open shelving with the kitchen cabinets to break up the pattern. My dishes aren't nice enough to show off on open shelving. The color of the paint goes perfectly with your decor. I only wish that we could see the

  • Violetta Matrosova

    I love it:) Inspired by this amazing kitchen I designed my own in the same way. Also bought these gorgeous tractor stools https://www.tractorstool.com/ and it looks awesome now))