• Marsha Neal
    Marsha Neal Rochester, NH
    This looks beautiful!!! Nice job!!!
  • Tee
    Tee Janesville, WI
    Absolutely gorgeous!
  • Sharon La Tour
    Sharon La Tour Lexington, KY
    Ok, that's not fair, LOL I now have ''KITCHEN and LAUNDRY ROOM ENVY!!! I love what you have done. It looks really great and it ties in so well together!
  • Gennell Yeager
    Gennell Yeager Layton, UT
    I'm in love with your corner piece!! I hate those corner cupboards and lazy Susan because I'm short and reach anything lol. Splendid job lady!!
  • Peggy Brittain
    Peggy Brittain Massillon, OH
    So want this kitchen. Sigh. Alas, I rent so am not spending much on paint. But one can dream.
    • Judy Parkey
      Judy Parkey Madill, OK
      Peggy Brittain There are lots of home-made chalk paint recipes on this site. If your landlord will let you paint, you might want to try them.
  • Jill Vokey
    Jill Vokey Plymouth, MA
    Love the open shelving wish I could do that in my kitchen in my apartment
  • Judy
    Judy White Hall, MD
    What is ASCP paint?
  • Pat scrabeck
    pat scrabeck Goodyear, AZ
    Love what you did to the corner--making it open space is genius. Nice touch with all your cream-colored dishes. Very classy!
  • Tammy McPherson
    Tammy McPherson Little Rock, AR
    OK . . . I have some questions. I'm a seasoned DIY'er and I've painted just about everything under the sun with every type of paint or faux paint technique as well. BUT I've never done chalk paint. I'm toying with some ideas and want to try chalk paint.
    • Julie Crozier
      Julie Crozier Littleton, CO
      Tammy McPherson I make a product that is WAY cheaper than Annie Sloans Chalk Paint. It is called Chalk-tique, a non toxic additive that turns any latex paint into a
  • Glenda
    Glenda Tulsa, OK
    Stunning kitchen!
  • Lori
    Lori Gramercy, LA
    Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful and hoping mine comes out the same. I’m using a paint from a local retailer and from Devoe Paints in a light silver tone. I pretty much had no choice since my countertops are a grayish/blackish tone. So my childhood
  • Clearissa
    Clearissa Cary, NC
    Your kitchen is gorgeous. I wish I had room for an island. Love the pulls as well.
  • Peggy Brittain
    Peggy Brittain Massillon, OH
    Sad news, my rental is being sold, so painting is out as Ibmay be.
  • Katt13
    Katt13 Parkville, MD
    Ditto Clearissa the kitchen is gorgeous. I too have a rental Peggy Brittain and the cabinets are this old 80's brown paneling look. Landlord says "no painting" but can use contact paper to cover it. any ideas?
  • June Mcnamara
    June Mcnamara Banner Elk, NC
    Perfectly balanced and every inch is well used
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