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  • i'd say it was a fiberglass pool, don't think a concrete one would stay together who knows but its beautiful!
  • Terri S Oolitic, IN
  • Wow. Never knew that could be done!!! Looks awesome. What a great job.
  • wow!! very cool - whodathunkit?
  • MaryAnn D Ocala, FL
    Wow never knew you could do something like that.
  • diy Design Fanatic Charlotte, NC
    What a gorgeous place to relax!
  • It is a pool with a vinyl pool with steel panels. He carefully evacated it from the original site. The pool was drained and the liner was detached and folded up. Yes, it was big! The steel panels and braces were dismantled. At our home site, he dug
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    All I can say is I am impressed that this could be done. What is the size of the pool? No matter what the size of the of the pool it is the installation that is unbelieveable and wonderful.
  • Thank you, Sherry! It is 14 ft X 24 ft. The shallow end is 4 foot deep gradually deepening to 6 ft in the deep end.
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    A Walk, I would say that only a professional (very costly person) could do that job properly; but you did it. Amazing to me and I'm more than proud of you for posting.
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    what a find! Looks like you havce the perfect place to relax and spend the summer.
  • Robin Taylor Cocoa, FL
    AWESOME! My hubby wouldn't do that, though! :((
  • Rachel Malewski Toledo, OH
    I didn't know that could be done?
  • Sandy Belmont, MI
    Absolutely beautiful; looks very tropical and relaxing!!!! Wished I could get my husband to do something like this...
  • Julie H Lancaster, CA
    it looks like a real cement pool u cant tell