Mason Jar Organizer

idee 2 days ago
Looking for some extra storage to hold all of your Q-tips, cotton balls, and other bathroom essentials? This is the project for you.
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $20 Difficulty: Moderate
Add some rustic charm to your bathroom space with this easy mason jar organizer.
You can create this in less than 30 minutes with just a few supplies. Get ready for extra countertop space!
Here's the full tutorial!

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  • Kathy
    Kathy Cohoes, NY
    Germs are everywhere, you can't put a lid on everything in your home! Just using common sense should do just fine! 😁
  • Mary
    Mary New Gloucester, ME
    Love your idea.
  • Denise Tarpley-Ezell
    Such a great idea! I've been collecting the vintage blue Masons, think I'll use those for a little different look! Thanks for sharing.
  • Kerrie
    Kerrie Fulton, MS
    Enjoyed your post. Remodeling my guest bath and I think this would be a neat idea since it is small. Thanks!
  • Mary Lou McNally
    What's the best way to place the board on the wall and how much space between each of the jars.
    • DIY Playbook
      DIY Playbook Chicago, IL
      Mary Lou McNally We used a picture hanging kit on the back so you can easily hang it on nails on the wall. As for the space...really it's up to you! We just spaced them out (about 2 inches apart) so they looked nicely on our piece of wood. Good luck!
  • Cindy van den Elzen-Whyte
    Thanks for the great idea!!!!!
  • Piper Hunter
    This a fabulous and inexpensive way to creat much needed space in my room over my (dresser/ makeup station). Im sorry to read (so many haters on here) but, aside from them. This is just what I am looking for. Starting my project this coming weekend.
  • DIY Playbook
    DIY Playbook Chicago, IL
    You're very welcome Piper Hunter! Good luck with the project. You're gonna love it!
  • Diana Davis
    Diana Davis Norman, OK
    I love this idea, I have no storage at all in my tiny bathroom. I think this Is a great inexpensive idea and a way to bring a certain uniqueness in the home. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Rosa Mendoza
    Rosa Mendoza Arlington, TX
    Yes! I love this. I have a lot of extra spare mason jars I think I will use for my restroom. I'm wanting to do a gold/burgundy theme. Do you have any suggestion on what type of paint to use if I would like to do the mason jars gold?
    • DIY Playbook
      DIY Playbook Chicago, IL
      Rosa Mendoza Spray paint is probably your best bet if you want a nice even finish! Just give them a few coats of gold spray paint (we've used Valspar before and it works well) and you should be good to go! Good luck..the gold & burgundy will be fabulous!
  • Juanita
    Juanita Pollocksville, NC
    I like this for the wall over my craft table! Already used the jars in a totally different way in my bathroom (painted and glued shells to the top to go with a beachy theme).
  • Dana
    Dana Absecon, NJ
    This is an awesome idea, we are redoing our bathroom as we speak and I have my husband working on this project now.
  • Claribel
    Claribel Augusta, GA
    This Mason Jar Organizer is totally functional. Last september I bougth a similar one on Target, for $24.00. Is in my kitchen, I put the spoons, folks and nifes. My kitchen is so tiny and give me more counter space. All my friend love the idea. If you
  • Melissa Keenan
    Melissa Keenan Sacramento, CA
    How did you get the screws through the clamps? I tried this, the drill slipped off and crushed my finger? Any tips on how to get them through without too much incident?
    • DIY Playbook
      DIY Playbook Chicago, IL
      Melissa Keenan We recommend drilling a pilot hole into the wood first. Then try to drill a pilot hole through the clamp as well, you'll have to put some muscle into this step
  • Away427
    How do you remove the jars for cleaning
    • DIY Playbook
      DIY Playbook Chicago, IL
      Away427 You can just loosen the hose clamp with your fingers or a screwdriver and the jar slides right out! Super easy!
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