Mason Jar Organizer

mason dyi 7 days ago
Looking for some extra storage to hold all of your Q-tips, cotton balls, and other bathroom essentials? This is the project for you.
Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $20 Difficulty: Moderate
Add some rustic charm to your bathroom space with this easy mason jar organizer.
You can create this in less than 30 minutes with just a few supplies. Get ready for extra countertop space!
Here's the full tutorial!

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  • Kari Froelicher
    Kari Froelicher Wickenburg, AZ
    Ok this is not as easy as it looks. I did it and ran into a number of problems. The biggest issue is the metal hose clamps. It is impossible to dril through without taking a few extra steps. You next a center punch to mark the hole and you next to take
  • AuntieBetty065
    AuntieBetty065 Monroe, MI
    Great idea, but I would use acrylic jars; I don't like glass in the bathroom.
  • Annette
    Annette Louisville, KY
    We have 3 cats and a lot of floating hair around! It's an everyday chore to dust the floors to keep it at bay. So, open jars wouldn't work for me, but adding cute painted lids would! Love the idea. Thanks
  • Juanita
    Juanita Pollocksville, NC
    I did something similar but its hung in the craft room - this look is a little "industrial" for my decorating style.
  • Susan Casarez
    Susan Casarez Port Richey, FL
    Love this idea!!!
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