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DIY Concrete Countertops

When we moved into our home our countertops were falling apart, the laminate was actually falling off. After 3 cheap makeovers - I was struggling to find something that I could afford to give our kitchen a whole new look - that didnt look cheap, plain, boring, or bland. I was so excited to find Encore Decorative Countertops. It is a three day process that involves TONS of sanding - but totally worth the work (and why not work on those biceps?!)
I have actually used this system TWICE now - I had a darker color that was not helping the lighting situation in my dark kitchen - so I lightened it up by doing it again. It HAS to say something about a product when someone uses it twice :)
Before we moved in - falling apart - ugh. We also tried rustoleum countertop paint, a faux paint botch job, and a spray paint mishap... all of which didn't last OR looked pretty boring
Enter stage left: Encore. The best part about this process - three well organized days. Each bag and bottle is well labeled and color coordinated. You follow the instructions and you cannot fail!
Well, Day one - seriously, scary stuff - but it gets better! The first coats are called a "scratch" coat. It is mostly so the prettier stuff bonds well. It is sandy, bumpy, and gross... and you might wonder more than once "what the heck have i done?!" keep going...
After the 2nd day of the thinner concret layers, and the sealant... you have the beautiful after. So much lighter, brighter and modern. I love it! As you can see... so much more work has been done in here. Read about all the projects on my blog!
The concrete counters are varigated in color, so it is not too bland or flat looking. It is super durable (I mean... its concrete!!), and modern.
One of the best things about this is it covers up problems - it even works on tile counters! I took the backsplash portion off the countertop and was able to cover up the holes in the counter where it was connected, I also was able to secure the laminate pieces that were falling off with nails and concrete right over them.

To see more: http://www.delightcreativehome.com/2014/09/diy-concrete-countertops-in-3-days.html

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