Has anyone had their evaporator coil on the HVAC unit cleaned?

I am not talking about the outside condenser, but the coil, typically A shaped, on top of the furnace.

Here is my reason for the question - my HVAC unit is ~25 yrs old, the outside condenser is ~10yr old. I recently dropped the fan out of my HVAC unit and cleaned the 'air scoops', which were super nasty and FULL of dirt. With this said, I can only imagine that the air pushed up into the coil up to this point has been extremely dirty, clogging the coil / reducing the volume of air / reducing the efficiency.

Any thoughts?

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  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    Victor I just finished redoing all the duct work in a foreclosure home that sat vacant for 5 years. It was so full of dog hair on the returns that I am surprised that any air could move through there at all. It looked as if they ran the unit without a
  • Paul your right on with this. The biggest killer of an ac system is dirty coils and lack of air flow through them. Filters are cheep and saves more in energy then they cost to replace.
  • thanks for your comments guys - we'll see on Monday with the AC man says about getting the project done. I'll try and post some pics after the fact.
  • Here is some photos of a client of ours who has had two condensing units replaced within the past three years. We were called in to find out why the 2nd one was acting up. Not one AC contractor even looked to see what the condition was with the
  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    That is sort of what mine looked like before I cleaned it out. Of course I was swapping out equipment in the process. We did 100% clean and replace.
  • Well, we had an AC company come out last Monday and he wouldn't touch it. As it turns out the Evap coil is the original and therefore ~25-30 yrs old. He was afraid that the coil would crack and leak. Also, there is no access panel and he was afraid to
  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    Well having good pressure doesn't mean that your coil isn't dirty. If it is as old as you believe it to be unless someone was very meticulous about filter changes and used a better filter than the fiberglass ones it is hard to believe that the coil isn't
  • The AC company was lazy. They did not want to touch it because last person that does ends up being responsible for it.

    Of course the charge would seem OK. When charging a system its adjusted based on the current conditions both the indoor and

  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    Woodbridge if it is a typical split system how are you going to pull the coil out when it is soldered to the liquid line and the suction line? Typically when cleaning is done the coil is not removed unless it is absolutely necessary. Because that is more
  • This would depend on what and how the suction and liquid line was installed. Most use a soft copper line set that will move enough to gain access.
  • Harold M Franklin, NC
    Thanks for this reminder. I need to clean mine
  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    Most use a soft copper line that is soldered to the evaporator coil and you can't move it very much without kinking or breaking that line. In other words you can't take it out.
  • Once again, it depends on how the line was run to the coil and the experience of the contractor doing the work I have on many occasions pulled coils out sufficiently enough to clean and re-install without damaging any lines or causing leaks. But you
  • Paul M Fairburn, GA
    We'll you'll just have to demonstrate this technique as I don't know anyone who has ever successfully pulled that off without opening the system and disconnecting the lines.
  • Sherrie S Debary, FL
    I believe it is well worth the cost to have a yearly service done by a professional. My job, which I do well, is to keep the filters clean.