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The Plum Granny a Mini Melon Air Freshner

Say Hello to the Plum Granny, at least that is what it is called here in East TN. I was just introduced a couple of weeks ago and I would love to know if any of you have any stories about this little melon.....
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The Plum Granny or Queen Anne Pocket Melon are two of it’s most recent names. This melon is not vintage it is thought to be ancient and has many names throughout the ages. It would have disappeared completely had someone not saved a few seeds by accident.
  • air freshner plum granny mini melon, crafts
Imagine if you live in a time where you could not bath everyday and had to wear a lot of heavy undergarments and long dresses and you came across this little compact melon that smelled ever so good.
What would you do with it? The ladies of the Victorian era would carry them around in their pockets. Can you imagine carrying around a melon as a portable air freshener like we carry our little Bath and Body Works spray and lotion. Bless their hearts!
  • air freshner plum granny mini melon, crafts
You might be wondering where I got this Plum Granny. Well, I started talking to a co-worker about my heirloom tomato seeds and offered to gift him some so he brought me this. He didn’t know a lot about them except that they were very pretty in the garden and that long ago people put them in the corners of their homes because of their fragrance. He said they were not for eating. Some say they are although very bland in taste. So who knows? I was afraid to try…
  • air freshner plum granny mini melon, crafts
I can just picture Cora admiring a bowl full of these on the table at Downton Abbey and saying, ” Ahh Mr. Carson, they just smell delightful this year, be sure and save some for the downstairs staff to enjoy.”
I really hope that this little cutie comes back into fashion! I know I will do my part!

To see more: http://chaoticallycreative.com/2014/09/the-plum-granny/

Got a question about this project?

  • Jennie Bryant
    Jennie Bryant Sanbornville, NH

    Huh! Fascinating!

  • Pam Johnston
    Pam Johnston Springboro, OH

    Where can you obtain some of these seeds? Is there a garden catalog who sells them? Do you sell them? Very interested.

  • Lisa
    Lisa Jamestown, KY

    My momma give me the seeds. I plant them every year. Reminds me of her. Would love to know if there is a way to keep them longer than a few days. Thanks

  • Pamela
    Pamela Leland, NC

    Carol Barney. Would you be willing to share some of these seeds... I would be willing to pay.. Thanks
    Pamela Spivey

  • Beth
    Beth Mission, TX

    All you have to do is Google them and you'll find a number of catalogs where you can purchase these seeds.

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