Container Water Gardens

crafts 10.29.15

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Container water gardens are a great way to get your feet wet with water features. They're small and pretty! Add a fountain or even a couple small fish like Rosy Reds. More water garden images at


  • Directions for making this cute container water garden can be found at
  • A whimsical dripping pot adds fun to your garden. Add a glass globe for visual interest.
  • A simple fountain - but be forewarned - your dog will probably enjoy getting a drink here!
  • Got an old bathtub? Don't toss it ... stick it in the garden and fill it with aquatic plants and a fountain!
  • If you love waterlilies but don't have a pond, simply grow them in a water-tight container. Be sure they receive at least 6 hours of full sun.
  • Another whimsical fountain created with a teapot and cup.
  • Garden centers carry patio ponds made specifically for container water gardens.
  • You can always use a container you have on hand. This one was sealed to make it water tight. A few water lettuce plants float on top.
  • Melissa
    Melissa Mitchell, IN
    I miss my running water in my yard. Thanks for some good ideas.
  • Leona P
    Leona P Antes Fort, PA
    Last year a Muskrat pretty much wiped out all our pond plants before we realized what was happening. So we are slowly getting things growing again.
  • Jenny
    Jenny Albertville, AL
    I want a water feature on my patio and have been researching ideas for sometime now. Thank you for sharing!
  • TJ
    TJ Andover, MN
    Jenny Quick & easy seasonal water features -- if it will hold water, plants and a pump -- sky's the limit. Here's a couple we have done in a stoneware crock and the other in an old resin planter
  • TJ
    TJ Andover, MN
    Update - here's a picture of the fountain in a planter with the Canna opening. Much nicer than the one I just included here.
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