Bathroom ideas 04.11.14

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Easy way to add storage to your bathroom. When the mason jars are dirty, slip them out, wash them in the dishwasher then put them back. Love it for my kids' toothbrushes! Full tutorial here: http://lollyjane.com/diy-mason-jar-bathroom-...

ps: I accidentally posted this under my personal account so if you see the same project/same pics on Lolly Jane's account, that's where is was SUPPOSED to be, lol (:

#Bestof2012 #StorageSolutions

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  • Love the idea!!
  • Lolly Jane B Gilbert, AZ
    Isn't it comical TaniaC ?? (:
  • TaniaC Fairfield, IL
    Yes it Is Miss Lolly Jane B ... You are so Funny Girlfriend :) ♥
  • love this idea! it's so cute... I think I'd mount several jars on a piece of wood and hung it up as one long strip :)
  • This is a very creative way of having bathroom storage. My wife did the same for the kids and they absolutely loved it. My wife did not only do this in the bathroom, but she has also installed such storage systems in their playroom for their pens. They
  • I may not put these in my bathroom, but really like the way you have these mason jars attached to the wall, very clever use of "that what you call it" collar something or another, anyway I like the idea of using them to attach stuff...lol
  • NO I don't drink..lol
  • Sandra pelletier Inverness, FL
    love it
  • Molly Runyon Midway, GA
    bet you could spray paint the metal clamp..any color..and the jar..if you wanted to.
  • Cynthia Dawsonville, GA
    Love the Modern Country look of these!
  • Ann Watkins New Zealand
    Great idea. I'm hoping I can get these jars in New Zealand. If not I'm sure there will be something similar.
  • Cindy Salt Lake City, UT
    If anyone is still checking this thread, I have a question. For the life of me I cannot get a hole drilled in the metal rings. How did you do it? I tried hammering in a nail and I tried doing it with a power drill and bit. Any suggestions?
  • Helen Canada
    I used a punch and a hammer to make my hole, Cindy
    • Cindy Salt Lake City, UT
      Helen Thanks. I don't have a punch. I'll have to see if I can get one.
  • Helen Canada
    A large nail (spike) would work too.