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A DIY house number sign including a flower box that myself & my husband came up with.

I knew I wanted a house number sign at the end of my driveway and we came up with the perfect DIY to add great curb appeal to your property.

To see more: http://alderberryhill.blogspot.ca/2012/07/house-number-sign.html

  • Rick V
    Rick V Lawrenceville, GA

    Can 911/EMS Find Your Home When Every Second Counts?

  • Lea Grossman
    Lea Grossman New Rochelle, NY


  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada

    Well done! Great idea to add the solar light!

  • Gladysfoy2332
    Gladysfoy2332 Glenview, IL

    I love this idea!!!! Very creative ......... >,

  • Joy
    Joy Marathon, NY

    Love your sign. I also wanted a sign. Used a large flat stone, stencils and spelled out our house number and last name. Set it on the ground facing the road.

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