How to Repair Your Own Screen

Repairing a screen is actually not has hard as you think it might be. I recently replaced the screening in our screen door that had been on the receiving end of some curious young kitties. My screen door fix cost less than $10 and only took about 20 minutes to do. You can see the full tutorial on
  • Why our screen door needed to be replaced
  • It was in very bad shape, and unusable before the fix.
  • Our newly fixed screen door looking like new. The kitties are older now and not as destructive, so hopefully it will stay that way.
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    I remember the name and am pretty sure I've been there since my brother knew the mountains in that area well and probably took me there. It's beautiful country. I can see why you love it. You look allot like my brother too. Last I saw him he was all
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    Becky...I'm actually in Nederland west of Boulder and have been up here for 20 years...Ned is a completely different world than Boulder.