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5 days ago

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Today I want to focus on Garden Lighting. Personally I feel most gardens are seriously underused at night but garden lighting has come a long way and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve and in the process make your garden more attractive and useful (especially for entertaining) at night.

So, on with the show... I wrote a guide which I am sure all of you will find most useful. I can't stress this enough - take a look at the video, as this is one of the best garden lighting videos I've seen for a long time and provides a wealth of information, not just in the realm of the actual lighting but also the safety issues and benefits.

I hope you guys and girls like this one. If you love it please share it on Hometalk and Hometipster. Thanks folks -

  • LandlightS
    LandlightS Roswell, GA
    Hometipster.....hate to tell you how many solar lights I've replaced with a Low Voltage LED lighting system. To date, there is not a solar fixture that produces the lumens of a low voltage system, nor has the hours of full light intensity..."especially
  • Columbus, MS
    Hi LandlightS - that's great information, I'm sure it'll help. From what I had researched it appeared Solar Lighting was much improved. So I guess you would suggest mains lighting for the garden?
  • Dee W
    Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    I enjoyed the information in the video but with being in the country people seem to prefer total darkness and I have personally avoided having any due to the fact it seemed intrusive-even during the holidays. I can and do however, admire light used in
  • Columbus, MS
    You're welcome Dee. Garden lighting certainly has come a long way and with the use of softer lighting I think it is not as intrusive as it used to be. Gardening lighting can be a problem if it's not well thought out, but I think the video, as you did,
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
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