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Stain Painted Accent Table

An old round table needed to be refinished. So I opted to try stain designing.
I picked up this 80's style table and decided to try some stain designing on the top.
First I cleaned and sanded it. Taped off the top and spray painted the legs and base in a semi gloss black for contrast.
Then drew my design in pencil directly on the wooden table top.
Choosing four different stain colors, I filled in the design.
Onyx Express Color, Special Walnut, Golden Oak and Gunstock stains for colors.
It turned out well but appeared small for the table top, which is quite large.
So I added another infinity ring around the design. And I used the Golden Oak for the entire surface of the top.
Then used polyurethane for the top coat.

To see more: http://redoityourselfinspirations.blogspot.com/2014/09/stain-painted-accent-table.html

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