Patio Bliss

garden 05.09.15
After seeing a picture on Pinterest as inspiration my husband built me a little haven by our patio using old doors. He hinged them together and secured one across the top. It took him less than an hour and I had so much fun creating a beautiful outdoor space!!


  • Vintage Chics Resale
    Love it! Came out great!
  • Joan H
    Joan H Beltsville, MD
    A place of beauty, just because.........................
  • Annette Overton
    Annette Overton Kittrell, NC
    Love it..
  • Nance Greenwell
    Nance Greenwell Louisville, KY
    Lucky you, but like others already posted, turn your shoes up for maintaining luck!
  • Elaine Jungling
    Elaine Jungling Grundy Center, IA
    What do you do to keep strong wind from blowing it over?
  • Katie
    Katie Canada
    WOW!! This is an awesome idea!! I want one!!
  • Char J
    Char J Virginia Beach, VA
    Is that a metal canning rack insert that the jars of flowers are sitting in? Great idea to keep them stable.
  • Pat Gove-fawcett
    Pat Gove-fawcett San Antonio, TX
    Love it
  • Rhonda
    Rhonda Cherokee, IA
    That is super adorable...I live in northern Iowa...and it is windy all the, if I want to do clever stuff, I have to anchor down or "heavy it up" so it wont all blow away! I personally would like the doors more "worn"....but I now have another
  • Jeniffer C
    Jeniffer C Muncie, IN
    Really beautiful, but please turn your horse shoes the right way up, all your luck is falling out.
  • Abigail L
    Abigail L Mullin, TX
    I just love this idea.
  • Kelly Rapisarda
    Kelly Rapisarda Deer Park, NY
    Such a cute idea!,.. :)
  • Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air
    Love this idea!
  • Sue sanders
    Sue sanders Flushing, MI
    Adorable !!!,
Shabby Love - Melissa