12' Reclaimed Barn Wood Trestle Table

good idears 02.02.16
Nothing will quite make you finish up projects like hosting a party.

The barn table project has been on the "to-do" list for sometime and was one of our "TOP 30 GOALS" to accomplish for the farm this year. So, with our first barn party scheduled for this weekend, and needing some extra sitting and eating areas for the guests – this was the week to tackle the project.

We wanted a big long table that could seat at least 12 – so we made it 12′ long and 45″ wide. Eventually we will make matching benches to go down each side – which will seat 6 to a side. If we added a chair to each end – it would give us a total of 14.

We started by building the trestle out of the old 2 x 4″'s barn roof rafter pieces from the Cardington Barn we took down last summer. Not your typical 2×4′s – these boards are made from old growth solid red oak, and unlike today's lumber – actually measure 2 x 4″. I just used a sawzall and cut them smooth – leaving all of the character of the old nails holes and dents of the wood in tact. Grey and weathered – they made the perfect base material for the table.

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  • Anna R
    Anna R Asheville, NC
    wonderful! love need a smaller version!
  • Ronald Coleman
    Ronald Coleman Leesport, PA
    Hi,Two years i start making just the table tops to fit over stander dinning room tabels.First one for me ,then we had a party and everone love the idea that they came rigt off to be stored untill needed again. Thanks for Reading this Ron
  • Phil
    Phil Ormond Beach, FL
    That is beautiful, Nice piece of work.
  • Ashley
    Ashley Raleigh, NC
    Love it!
  • Kelley Kohr
    Kelley Kohr Aiken, SC
    LOVE this... just need to find some old barn wood!
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