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Twine Pears - Now THERE'S a Bright Idea!

Before I show you the cutest little craft you've ever seen, I want to share with you a bit of wisdom from my husband: 'The problem wasn't the apple on the tree... it was the 'pair' under it!' (Isn't he funny?!?)

OK, here's the tutorial!
Have you seen these darling, rustic pears made from twine and light bulbs?
Difficulty: Easy
You'll need a few simple items that you may already have around the house! Click on the blog post URL below for a supply list.
This is one of the cutest and most frugal crafts you'll ever see! How I wish I'd saved all the many light bulbs I've thrown away through the years!!
Be sure to click over for the complete How-To for this fun craft...
For the complete tutorial, click here: http://sondralynathome.com/make-twine-pear/
Ah, the sweetest pear ever! Sweeter still because it's so thrifty to make! http://sondralynathome.com/make-twine-pear/

To see more: http://sondralynathome.com/make-twine-pear/

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