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Homemade Cleaners: 10 Homemade Household Cleaner Recipes

Going green is always a great way to do things, most especially inside our homes. And what better way to do that than to use home-made cleaners without any harsh chemicals that can harm the environment.
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Found this awesome post by Frugal Living Mom about home-made household cleaner recipes.
Kitchen Counter Scrubber: To get off tough gunk, mix kosher salt and water and scrub with a wet cloth or sponge.
Window Cleaner: Combine 1/2 teaspoon mild dish detergent, 3T vinegar, and 2 cups of water into a spray bottle. Use it just like you’d use the commercial window cleaner.
Glass Shower Cleaner: Cut a lemon in half and dip it in kosher salt. Scrub the glass shower and watch the soap scum disappear!
Carpet Spot Cleaner: Combine 1/4 cup liquid soap in a blender with 1/3 cup water, until it is foamy. Spray on the stain, then rinse it with vinegar.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Simply take 2 cups of vinegar and let it sit in the toilet overnight. In the morning, clean with a toilet bowl brush and flush.
Disinfectant: Skip the bleach and mix 2 cups of water, 3T of liquid soap and about 20 drops of tea tree oil. Use it to wipe down porcelain and tile.
All Purpose Cleaner: Mix 2T vinegar, 1t Borax, a few drops of mild dish detergent, 10 drops of essential oils, and some hot water together in a spray bottle. This solution can be used to clean any hard surface.
Floor Cleaner: Combine 1 cup white vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water in a cleaning bucket and use it to mop your tile or vinyl floors.
Oven Rack Cleaner: Soak your dirty oven racks in a bath tub with hot water, 8 dryer sheets, and 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap. Let it sit overnight, then use the dryer sheets to rub off any remaining grime.
Furniture Polish: Mix 1 cup olive oil with 1/2 cup lemon juice. Shake well and apply a small amount to a cleaning cloth. Spread it over the surface you’re cleaning, and then dry with a separate cloth.
Credits: http://www.frugallivingmom.com/homemade-cleaners-10-homemade-household-cleaner-recipes/

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  • Ada
    Ada Longwood, FL


  • Joy.schottenloher
    Joy.schottenloher San Antonio, TX

    I love the furniture polish one. Gonna try it today while everyone is out of the house. You know the old saying,while the cats away,the mice will play. Yep I am dat mouse

  • Mcfarmer2011
    Mcfarmer2011 Cincinnati, OH

    Goo ideas

  • Joy.schottenloher
    Joy.schottenloher San Antonio, TX

    Can you answer me a question? If I wanted a fabric spray just to make an inside of a car smell pretty without staining the interrior,what do I use to make it. Some fabric softeners will actually stain material. My husband details cars and wanted

    • SS
      SS Morrisville, PA

      @Joy.schottenloher You can get them from www.mydoterra.com/straub or if you want to purchase them locally, go to a natural health food store. Make sure they are 100% essential oil, not fragrances. Have fun!

  • Patti Nicholas
    Patti Nicholas Gulfport, MS

    These are all great cleaners but be sure your dryer sheets are "green" otherwise your using some very nasty chemicals and that's defeating the whole green cleaning purpose. Also once you get your glass and mirrors clean of all commercial cleaning

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