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On a recent trip over to Vancouver Island, my husband and I drove from Victoria to Tofino. Here's a few pics of great plantings, gardens and things I just thought were nothing less than amazing. Hope these pics inspire you too!! #GardenFeature
  • I let out an inaudible squeal when I saw this incredible mushroom at the Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo BC...all I could think of was....'Sooo doing this next year!'
  • Bike basket stuffed with annuals...there's several of these bikes parked all around the store front of a great bakery in Cowichan bay.
  • Reclaimed and repurposed old boat becomes an amazing nautical planter just outside of the Mud Room (fabulous clay mugs!) in a side street down to the wharf in Cowichan Bay.
  • The Spinning Ninny is must visit if you are in love with local artisans and their wares. This cooky little store has it all!! From hand knitted toques and boho bags to jewelry and energy dolls. That shoe is planted with succulents
  • A different view of that fab mushroom
  • Glass artisans garden
  • Glass artisan Sol Maya displays his unusual pieces in his gardens outside his small A-Frame shop. He explained his passion for glass blowing like this, ' Glass captures the light...and light is in everyone of us'. Tofino, BC
  • More of Sol's amazing pieces.
  • This is a great example of a commercial planting. If you have a hot sunny berm this application is perfect, those Sedum Spectablis 'Autumn Joy' are just about to burst into color.
  • Driftwood fence in North Chesterman Beach, Tofino
  • I snapped this picture because I wanted to remember this formation in a unique and it's all just reclaimed wood...wonderful:)
  • This driftwood girl is located at the botanical gardens in Tofino...except for the head it was formed by the waves....beautiful:)
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